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Control the Flow of Traffic Into Your Facility

Schedule our turnstile installation services in Greenville or Simpsonville, SC

Is the entryway of your place of business often overcrowded or jammed? We’re here to help you out. Stellar Fire & Security offers turnstile installation services for commercial clients in Greenville and Simpsonville, SC. Whether you own a new build or an existing structure, we’ll be able to update your facility to make your entryway more secure and efficient.

Choose the team with over 80 years of combined industry experience. You can learn more about our turnstile installation services by calling 800-616-2446 now.

What are the benefits of having turnstiles?

It may seem like all turnstiles do is slow down people entering and exiting your facility, but they actually offer several benefits. These include:

  • Detecting authorized and unauthorized entry
  • Enhancing security throughout the building
  • Counting attendance in the facility

If your facility requires payment for entry, our Hayward turnstiles can also assist with that. You can find out more when you reach out to a team member today.